JJB Sports

Der große Sportfachmarkt verwendet Endpoint Protector um Datenverlust und –Diebstahl zu verhindern

JJB Sports plc is one of the UK's leading sports retailers. The company first opened for business 1971 and grew to become the UK’s largest player in the market, evolving from a single store to 250 stores in most important towns and cities of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
JJB’s product ranges include sports textiles, footwear, replica shirts, equipment, accessories, cycles and golfing products designed by all of the major sports brands, as well as brands and product ranges which are exclusive to the company.

Die Herausforderung

JJB Sports was looking for an effective way to secure against undetected data transfers to and from their network harboured by unrestricted access to sensitive files or use of lifestyle and portable devices, such as USB sticks, iPods, smartphones or cameras, which could have led to data loss or theft, malware infections or other security breaches. They were also aiming to increase their level of protection against such risks without impairing in any way the mobility or productivity of their employees.

Another technical challenge was to implement an endpoint security solution within their 500 computer IT infrastructure that would also easily integrate with the antivirus application JJB was using and that would provide more flexibility than the embedded endpoint security solution within the Symantec antivirus.

Warum Endpoint Protector?
  • Flexible Zugriffsrichtlinien für Geräte, Benutzer oder Computer
  • Schnelle und stille Bereitstellung durch Gruppenrichtlinien
  • Funktion für Offline-Authorisierung
Die Lösung

After comparing the endpoint security and data loss prevention solutions provided by GFI and CoSoSys, JJB Sports chose CoSoSys’ Endpoint Protector for its ease of use, quick deployment and seamless integration with their existing software and hardware environment.

After deploying Endpoint Protector throughout their 500 computer network within 30 minutes, JJB Sports could take full advantage of the applications granular policy capabilities when granting access in real time to specific types of portable devices, its email alerting features or its offline functionalities, which were all critical requirements for the retailer. Through the integrated Endpoint Protector Reporting Tool, JJB can constantly audit the usage of different kinds of devices by their employees, while being able to directly and immediately respond in case of unsound device use.

Due to its time saving and almost effortless deployment, Endpoint Protector has also allowed them to keep administrative efforts for the IT department to a minimum. The implementation has resulted in an increased overall systems and network security.

Endpoint Protector hat meine Erwartungen hinsichtlich der Einbindung und Inbetriebnahme in unser Netzwerk völlig übertroffen - schnell und reibungslos. Wir haben eine hervorragenden Support von CoSoSys erfahren, auf alle unsere Anfragen wurde sehr schnell reagiert.
Dan Highton
Network Manager at JJB Sports
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